Prints, Patterns & Textures in 12 Tones


In this series, I’m collecting my Pinterest boards into blog posts to help you see how the tones can be used in various applications. I find it really useful to see all 12 tones together, because it helps me to understand my own tone to see it in the context of all the others.

Keep in mind that screens render colour differently (sometimes radically differently), so while these images look harmonious with their respective tones on my screen, they may not on yours. Always use your fan as your guide. 


I’m often asked what patterns will work for a particular tone. The simple answer is: any pattern in the colours of the tone. 

There are a couple of qualifiers though.

The first is that your style type affects the way you wear your colours. If you are a Dramatic, small, delicate prints will look silly next to your strong features, even if the colours are perfect.

The second is that the size, sharpness and proximity of elements in a pattern can change the apparent colour. Elements that are very small and tightly packed can make the foreground and background elements visually blend together, which can soften the colour to the viewer‘s eye. This is more likely to be an issue with the brighter tones, and is why you’re more likely to see colour-block patterns in bright colours.

To help you recognise patterns in your tone, I created Pinterest boards for patterns in each tone. I added in prints, because they’re the same kind of thing (multiple colours in a single design), and textures because they’re similar to patterns in the repetitiveness of design elements.

As always, the possibilities are endless.

I hope you are inspired (but never restricted) by the images you see below.


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Prints, Patterns and Textures in 12 Tones:  Fabulous designs in harmonious colours