let your inner beauty out

discover your perfect colours


“What will knowing my colours do for me?”

Show Your Beauty

Wearing your own colours will reveal your most beautiful, vital, captivating self. You’ll look strong and compelling. People will notice.

Simplify Your Life

Shopping is simple when you know your colours. Getting dressed is easy when all your clothes work together, and they all work on you.

Save Your Money

No more wasting money on clothes that you never wear, makeup that sits in a drawer unused, or hair colours that don’t flatter you.


“How do I find my colours?”

Personal Colour Analysis

During your Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) I will drape you in many specifically-coloured fabrics. We will gradually narrow them down to find your perfect palette. 

The Twelve Tones

Your colours belong to one of 12 beautiful palettes (tones). Each contains a rainbow of colours and an array of neutrals, which all harmonise together perfectly.