Your Personal Colour Analysis will take place in the Elemental Colour studio at Bridgewater, in the Adelaide Hills.

The studio is painted in neutral colours and is lit with full-spectrum lights, to ensure colour accuracy.

I’ll give you a neutral grey cape and cap to wear, to cover up your clothes and hair colour, so that only your natural colouring is visible.

While you are seated in front of the mirror, I’ll place custom-coloured fabrics (drapes) under your face so that we can see the effect the full range of colours has on your appearance, and home in on your perfect palette.

12-tone fan from  True Colour International

12-tone fan from True Colour International

I’ll give you a 12-Tone colour swatch book (fan) containing 65–70 of your best colours, and we’ll talk about how to use it to choose clothes, accessories and (if desired) makeup and hair colour.

Finally, if you choose to have makeup with your PCA, I’ll apply your makeup using colours from your palette. Even minimal makeup can be breathtaking when the colours match you perfectly.


Ready to discover your colours?

Choose your Personal Colour Analysis: 



1½ – 2½ hours

  • overview of colour harmony

  • complete and thorough draping to discover your colour tone

  • 12-Tone colour swatch book (valued at $88)

  • guidance in finding and using your colours

  • photos of yourself draped in some of your most beautiful colours (optional)


PCA + Makeup

2½ – 3½ hours

  • includes everything in the standard PCA, plus

  • professional makeup application using your newly-discovered colours

  • a face chart showing photos of the makeup on you, the products used, and where they were applied


Joint PCA

3 – 5 hours

Book a joint PCA with a friend and save!

Available with or without makeup.

save $40 each

Gift certificates for all PCA appointments are available here.