Makeup Looks in 12 Tones


In this series, I’m collecting my Pinterest boards into blog posts to help you see how the tones can be used in various applications. I find it really useful to see all 12 tones together, because it helps me to understand my own tone to see it in the context of all the others.

Keep in mind that screens render colour differently (sometimes radically differently), so while these images look harmonious with their respective tones on my screen, they may not on yours. Always use your fan as your guide. 


Getting makeup right is one of the primary reasons clients come to me for their PCA. Knowing the colours that work on your face makes using makeup simpler and more effective, and definitely reduces money wasted on products that don’t suit you.

If the colours are new to you, though, it can be hard to understand how a whole face can be made up in the colours. Enter, Pinterest! 

I’ve collected images which show makeup looks using colours from the 12 tones. Some are more dramatic, some more natural, but none are prescriptive — take these simply as inspiration for ways you could use your colours. 

One caveat: it is essentially impossible to find makeup images for non-Winters that don’t use black mascara (and often, liner), so you’ll see lots of them here. If you’re not a Winter, use the mascara and liner colours in your fan, not black!


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Makeup Looks in 12 Tones:  Beautiful makeup inspiration for each tone