I knew going into the PCA I needed to understand your process and why each decision in the process was made. In the shock of coming out Bright Winter I went over and over the steps we made in coming to that decision. In the end, it was your thoroughness and logical analysis which convinced me and this makes me one happy customer! I can look back and see I’m not that season for that reason and I’m not this season for this reason. When the analysis hit a difficult point you stopped and double checked each decision to confirm they were correct (which they were) and to be extra thorough you went through each individual season to make sure nothing had been missed. So even though my season is not the one I was expecting I can clearly see why I am what I am. The Winter colours that I previously found to be harsh are probably more True Winter colours and rather than indicating they were too cool and saturated they were probably too dark and not bright enough.

I can now see that the Autumn colours, which I assumed were right, are ageing on me. They harmonise with the freckles and sun damage rather than the undertones of my skin. I’ve always felt a bit blah in autumn colours but wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong.

A number of other things are starting to make sense to me as well. Like, why I’ve struggled with neutrals. I’ve tried finding nice browns to wear and could never get beige to work. Looking at the Bright Winter palette I’ve been trying to force something that was never going to work. Forget beige, I need those lovely greys in my palette!

Many thanks again. I enjoyed the experience and funnily enough rather than feel clownish or child-like in my Bright Winter colours I actually feel more sophisticated than I have in a very long time. I thought you might also like to know that I received a very nice compliment the other day wearing my BW scarf!

— E.W.Sarah Tearle